Wisconsin Lawn Mower Racing Associations “Veteran” Racer

Wisconsin Lawn Mower Racing Association had been around since 2005 and we have someone that has been with WILMRA since 2010 and is the “veteran” racer of the club.

Brandon Schug is WILMRA “veteran” racer. Brandon is twenty three years old and has been a very active member since 2010.He is always there to help with setup and helping to make sure the mowers are up to safety standards when tech comes around to check those machines.! If he isn’t helping with the setup and tech you can usually see him helping his fellow racers get there machines ready.

When brandon was asked why he still loves racing his reply was why alot of our members ARE members.!!!

” I love the rush of being all packed in a little space pushing every limit you got,and right next to everyone else pushing there limits right next to you.”

Why have you been with wisconsin lawn mower racing association for so long? His reply again is why alot of our members are still members.

“I like how everyone helps each other and they even let you in on there little secrets.”

Any advice to anyone looking to become a member?

“It is the cheapest racing sport you can get into and still get that thrill of going fast but its on a lawn mower.”

Brandon puts alot of work into his racing machine, his mother had some wonderful things to say.

“When he does not get first you can watch him in the pits walking up to his fellow racers and congradulates¬† them on kicking his butt!!! He isn’t afraid to share what he knows about driving or troubleshooting to help others come out stronger.” -Charity Schug-

Wisconsin lawn mower racing association is a competitive sport but we are also a family. We all want to see people grow as racers, Brandon is the perfect example of the members of Wisconsin Lawn Mower Racing Association!

Thank you brandon for your dedication to WILMRA for so many years!

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