Frank Kulpa


Hometown: Arbor Vitae, WI
Age: Still Unknown

Frank Kulpa is a volunteer fireman for the Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin Fire Department and oddly enough, that’s what got him into racing lawn mowers. How? Well, in the summer of 2012 he was tasked by the fire department to find a way to attract more visitors to their annual Firemans Picinic. He did his research, came across the WILMRA organization and before you knew, this guy was laying out a whole new track for us to race at complete with a grand stand area for spectators.

Frank clearly enjoyed hosting the race event, but it was clear when one of the racers lent him a lawn mower to take around the track that Frank was hooked. No longer was he going to watch the mayhem from the bleachers. No, he got a modded lawn mower from another driver and as the saying goes … he was off to the races.