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Wisconsin Lawnmower Racing Association (WILMRA) was started in 2005. In 2023, WILMRA and Badger State Mower Racing Association joined forces.  We came up with Central Wisconsin Mower Racing Association for a new start of both Associations. 

We race lawnmowers in an oval course or similar course set up. We take the track for warm up laps, heat laps, and the all-intense feature race. We race for points, trophies and of course bragging rights. We travel the state of Wisconsin putting on races for fairs, festivals, events and other venues.

We are a the local chapter of our sanctioning body, United States Lawnmower Racing Association (USLMRA). The USLMRA has been racing since 1992 and has grown like a weed with over 60 local chapters or affiliated clubs.  Central Wisconsin Mower Racing Association abides by and enforces the USLMRA mower building and safety rules. As a local chapter we are organized by bylaws and have a board of directors. We have biannual meetings and value the voices of our members.

Our racers come from all over Wisconsin. Many families have found our chapter as a family orientated group. We help others to get mowers going. We want you out there racing with us, not watching from the pits because your belt broke, or your brother forgot to put the tether in the trailer. Camaraderie goes a long way. Racing lawnmowers is affordable to many families. If anyone has been in any kind of racing in the past, you know that the cost is often what causes many to end their racing fun. Lawnmower racing can be a great outlet for the racing enthusiast.

This is a sport for people who enjoy being a little zany, just tell someone you race lawnmowers and see what reaction you get. We love having fun, but we also take safety very seriously. Most of us have to go to work on Monday, and don’t want to do so in a cast. You’ll be asked to make some modifications to your mower to be in the race. (Technical assistance is available. Please, just ask!). We abides by and enforces the USLMRA mower building and safety rules. YES, the blades must be removed. Your mower will be inspected by officials on race day. You’ll also be required to wear protective clothing, neck brace and a helmet. For a complete list of rules go to on our DOWNLOADS page, or visit www.letsmow.com for the current USLMRA rulebook.  The site does list 2021 as last update, but the rules are the same.

Our racing classes are as follows:

  • GP – Stock motor governed at 3650 RPM, unregulated gearing, single cylinder overhead valve and valve in block L head, with maximum factory rating of 33 cubic inches
  • GP (Powder Puff) – This girls-only class gets just as fast and are every bit as competitive as the boys!
  • GPT – Prepared governed V-Twin, governed 3650 RPM engine,  20 hp. and under. All GP rules apply to this class. (Age 16 years and older) *
  • A/P – 4-stroke engines 10.5hp and under with a factory maximum stock original displacement of 22 cubic inches must provide spec’s (This includes all engines both Valve-in-Block L Head and Overhead Valve with a maximum displacement of 22ci)
  • S/P (Now combined with CP in Nationals) Valve in block 4-stroke engines over 8.5 HP
  • C/P – All Single cylinder OHV and twin cylinder valve in block, 4 stroke engines, 20 HP and under
  • B/P – All OHV V-Twin 4-stroke engines, 20 HP and under
  • FX Class-Major modifications allowed
  • Grasshoppers-A class created in WI! 212cc (6.5HP) clone motor, Centrifugal clutch 6 inch rims with a 8-1 ratio. (Age 8-12)**
  • J/P – IMOW Rules – Stock motor governed at 3650 RPM, Single cylinder valve in block or OHV not to exceed 33 cubic inches, with a 8-1 gear ratio (Age 10-15)
  • GP/K – GP Rules- Stock motor governed at 3650 RPM, unregulated gearing (Age12-15)

**Grasshoppers Class is also not a USLMRA official class.  Please call if interested in this class details.   Click here to download Grasshopper Class Guidelines.

USLMRA rulebook for rules. Click here to download this year’s rulebook.

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