Driver of the year,rookie of the year and most improved driver

Wisconsin lawn mower racing association is proud to present 2019 driver of the year, rookie of the year, and the most improved driver!!

      Andrea Carolfi was voted in by our members as 2019 driver of the year. Andrea  has also taken the first place spot in our Gp class for the whole 2019 racing season. Andrea has put in alot of work to get to this spot, perfecting her racing craft.

Nicole Neu was voted in by our members as 2019 rookie of the year. 2019 was Nicole first year racing with the club. Nicole has been at the races for years support her dad Donavon. Nicole also placed 3rd in points in the grasshopper class.

Andrea Carolfi  and  Nathaniel Karau was voted  in by our members as 2019 most improved drivers. Andrea Carolfi was the first girl to ever take first place in points in Wisconsin history. Nathaniel moved up from GPK to GP this last season giving all the other drivers a good run for there money.

Our members are family based people. We all love racing, and seeing the expression on people’s faces when they first see us race. We all know its hard to believe that grass cutting machines can be turned into racing machines that can go up to 70 mp ( on the fast ones) . No we can not race and then go home and cut our grass with the same machine, for safety reasons the blades are taken off and they are lowered. AND YES  they are lawn mower motors, some are just modified a bit!!!!

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