How to Build a Racing Mower

  • Arbor Vitae Annual Firemans Picnic Race

We’ve put together general steps to get you started on building your very own race-ready lawnmower.

When you’re building of course, you’ll want to look at the rulebook for official rules. Here are some steps that are common to any build. I can’t tell you all the secrets, or you’ll beat me. Racing is not fun if you’re racing yourself, so reach out to other racers if you’re stuck on a build. We want you out there on the track. Many of our racers have found resources for parts thru the years. Just ask!

The following downloadable information (PDF) is made possible by George Herrin. George is a 8-time ARMA National Champion, 4-time USLMRA National Champion, and retired from BP. The following is a thread that George did on building a mower. The thread is from 2007, so that is why we say you’ll want to look in the rulebook for official rules. This is meant to give you the steps along with pictures to guide you in your build. Thank you George for sharing!

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This original posting can be viewed on “Heymow” is a message board for racers that was and for some, is still used for a communication outlet dedicated to lawn mower racing. Use it as a resource for answers to common questions through the years. We do not use it as our communication board currently.


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